Learning to Hear God's Very Explicit Instructions




It’s been almost one month since I’ve written here anew. Not that God hasn’t been speaking, He’s had plenty to say, my journal can attest to that.  Nor is it my lack of hearing that has kept me from writing, I have heard enough “explicit instructions” in the last month to have written every day. So what is it that has kept me from writing and sharing my new-found truths? Truth is…… the truth hurts! Sometimes it is very painful to accept some frightful truths about oneself. And the Word of God has a way of really revealing our character flaws if we are truly “listening”. So honestly, I haven’t written because I had not figured out a way to make my dirty laundry at least smell clean. But God is so very good. He not only identifies my hard to clean areas, He uses the most effective and gentle spot removers, His blood, His Spirit and His unconditional love for me.

I began this V.E.I.N.S journey to truly explore the question; Is God still giving explicit instructions like He did in the historical Bible stories? And also, to explore the.mechanics of learning to hear those very explicit instructions from God. What I am learning is that often you don’t get more explicit instructions until you have OBEYED the instructions you have already received. God wants me to be a Doer of the Word and not just a Hearer (James 1:22-25). Just like “you don’t really learn math until you actually do the problems”. Being a Doer, makes a statement to God and man, that I have a sincere desire to learn; and that I have faith in the learning process that He has designed.

I was not willing to air the dirty laundry, I wanted to walk away from the mirror and forget what I really look like. I thought he would give me something easier to share, less damning. Don’t worry, I know that not all of us have been called to share our dirty laundry (Thank God), but when you have a sincere desire to hear explicit instructions from God, He always tells the truth and sometimes the truth hurts……but it is the truth that finally sets us free! Pray for me as I face the truth….the divine hearing aid, and write my way to freedom.



Last year on Valentines Day, I had a “feeling sorry for myself” moment. God encouraged my heart and my hearing with loving but thought provoking words. I am re-blogging a portion of last year’s “explicit instructions” because today it still applies. For the article in its entirety, see February 2014 archives for same title.


“Are you still looking for all encompassing love from human flesh? Do you not recognize all the unconditional love that I have given you? You didn’t seek to love Me first, but I chased after you! I have given you every manifestation of My love, including the life of My precious Son. I have been patient and kind when you have chosen to go your own way. I controlled My jealousy when you chased after other gods. I did not get angry when you took credit for the success that I orchestrated. I’ve come to get you out of trouble that your disobedience got you into. I have never rejoiced in your troubles but was always happy when you finally found My truth. I have bore your burdens, believed in you when you didn’t believe in yourself and I prepared a hope and a great future for you. I even used 66 books, 40 men writing in 3 languages on 3 continents over 1500 years to write you the most profound love letter ever written. My love has never failed you because I AM LOVE and I can’t fail!

But all you wanted was flowers and dark chocolate?…….

….. Really?



Don’t envy or worry yourself about the success of those around you. Comparing yourself to others corrodes your confidence and does nothing to build your faith. Besides without Me, their seeming success is only temporary. And your fretting unnecessarily, makes you hard of hearing.

Do learn to trust me where-ever you are in your life. Continue to do the things you know in your heart are right. Your trust in Me is what truly makes you a successful hearer and doer.

Do learn what it means to find delight in Me, because I hold the key to the deepest desires of your heart.

Do also, commit all your plans to me. I will help you when it’s hard. I will also shine my righteousness on you so that you will be a bright light for others.

Be still and wait patiently for Me. I know it seems as if others prosper without Me, but again I say don’t  worry about them, don’t envy them and please don’t copy them. Do put your trust in Me, and you will be the one to win, and more importantly, be an example of one who hears My “very explicit instructions”.


“In order for you to hear Me, You must first seek an authentic relationship with Me. Not one based on hearsay, but a relationship built on time spent together. I long for more of your time and attention. I look forward to revealing the great plans I have for you; and I am so pleased when you do take the time to seek My guidance for your life’s journey. It actually saddens Me when you try to do things in your own power, without seeking to hear My voice in a matter first. That is why I must occasionally blind you. You know, like I did Paul on the road to Damascus (Acts 9). When you are blind and can’t see your way, it makes you stop and look for Me. It makes you question who I am to you. Then you become a lot more receptive to what I have to say. And of course, that’s how I designed it, when one sense is dulled (sight), another sense is strengthened (hearing)”.

“You also know that I have designed listening as part of the communication process. When you listen to someone, you get to know them better. You learn how they think and what makes them tick. You learn what you have in common and what ways you differ. Do you honestly think that I would design this process and not have you experience it with Me, your Creator? When you listen to Me, you learn how I think. You learn how I do things and you better understand that My ways are not your ways”.

“Keep seeking opportunities of conversation with Me. There is no relationship without conversation. And remember, you can’t get to know Me if you’re doing all the talking. Keep following Me and I will teach you how to listen and how to hear My explicit instructions for your life”.

Your Father God

Praise: Another Hearing Aid


                The more I remember
                    The more I praise
                    The more I praise
                     The better I hear!


When I remember Gods past provision, I hear Him say “I will supply all your needs according to My wealth, not yours”.

When I remember God’s past protection, I hear Him say “Don’t be afraid, I’ve got this too”.

When I remember God’s past promises, I hear Him say ” My word and plan will be accomplished in your life”.

When I remember God’s past power, I hear Him say “You can do all things through Me who gives you strength”.

When I remember God’s past presence, I hear Him say “I will never leave you, I am always here”.

When I am tempted to remember my past faults and failures, I can hear Him lovingly say “Quit reviewing your past and review Mine”

Regina Chappell 2015

https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRV3gxvYCcp_VJPsCDw_bRUo7uWERBkTA9WPVLLANPnK-llsAub        It is January 2, 2015, and I have been missing in action from these pages for at least 6 months now. Thank You Lord for being a Father who loves His child no matter what. Thank You for having open arms in spite of my sin. Thank You for still speaking in spite of my un-hearing ear. Thank You for still blessing me in spite of my disobedient ways. And I thank You for not taking away my gifts or inheritance in spite of me just walking away from them.

I have missed the closeness of Your voice giving me “very explicit instructions”. I thought I was listening, I was still doing my same daily and weekly rituals, but now I realize I wandered away. I  was busy chasing what I thought was the “good life”. I was busy trying to open many other doors to happiness. I was busy listening to many other voices, including the voices of my 3 major enemies: my fleshly desires, the culture around me, and my constant accuser, Satan. But you have waited patiently for me, as only a loving Father would. Waiting for me to realize that everything I seek was always with You. Waiting for me to come to my senses and return home. Waiting for me to take my rightful place as a child of the Most High King, with all the rights and privileges that the positions brings

Well Father, I’m home and I am so sorry that I have been gone for so long. I am grateful for Your grace, forgiveness and mercy, and I am very eager to take my rightful place and once again hear Your “Very Explicit Instructions” for my life.

Your Daughter,